A number of years ago I bought a fitbit. I added myself to the web platform and added friends that were also using fitbits. We would set up the challenges and at times it would get very competitive. Or, should I say that I got very competitive!!

One time I checked a challenge that was going to end in a few hours and noticed that I was losing by 3,000 steps.

So I got off the subway one stop before my usual stop, walked up and down streets on the way home rather than go the straightest route, and didn’t sync until the last minute, so he wouldn’t know he was losing until it was too late! Yeah, I admit it, pathetic!

At the time I didn’t think it was a big deal, but looking back, I am a bit shocked by how sneaky I was that time!

Now I use the Samsung Gear watch. I haven’t added anyone. I don’t even know if that’s something I can do. But I do check to make sure that I’ve at least reached my daily step goal. On days when I don’t, I feel really bad!

While I was a bit taken back by how caught up in competition I can get, I have to admit, I ended up in much better physical shape! So now I’m wondering, should I figure out how to do challenges on the Gear??