bed-makeit-or-not-copiaI am very hit or miss when it comes to making my bed in the morning.  But I heard something on a podcast that I want to pass along …

Make your bed EVERY DAY!

I know people who will say “Why?  What’s the point?  You’re just going to get into bed later that same day and mess it up again!”  Or that unless people are coming over, why is it important to make your bed?

Well, here’s the thing …

Every day we have many tasks before us that will either get accomplished … or not.  Making your bed first thing in the morning, right when you get out of it (unless you need to run to the bathroom first to “take care of business” or if there is someone else still IN the bed) will allow you to start your day with ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Set the tone of your day as one of success by doing this one simple task right at the start of the day!  Other successes and accomplishments will surely follow!

Plus, when you get home at the end of your, it is actually nice to see a neat, made bed!  Go ahead, try it!  You’ll see!