“Say Thank You!”  Something we all heard from our parents as we were growing up.  We didn’t need to be taught to be grateful, we just needed to be taught to express it.  And while we may remember to say thank you when someone does something specific for us, we often don’t think to express gratitude for people just being in our lives or spending time with us.

So here’s my challenge to you …

Every day, choose to show gratitude at least once.   The key words in that sentence are “at least once”!

If you hang out with a friend, send an email, a txt or make a call that night before you go to sleep (or the very next morning) to say “Thanks for hanging out!  I had fun!  Can’t wait to hang out again!”

Send a txt to someone that comes to your mind to say “Hey!  Was thinking of you and wanted to let you know that I care about you and I’m grateful that you’re in my life!”  Or better yet, pick up the phone and actually call them to let them know that you’re grateful!

Want to take it to the bonus level … go to the store and buy a cute or funny card, and actually mail it to the person you want to show your gratitude.  When was the last time you actually got something in your mailbox that wasn’t a bill or advertisement? Remember how happy you were to get that?  The recipient of your card will feel that same wonderful feeling when they open their mailbox!

Just reach out an let them know!  It will make that person feel good, and you will feel good too!

I’m going to hit “publish” on this, and then take my own advice and do just what I’m telling you to do!  Will you do it??