I can’t believe that I’m going to blog about the weather. But here I go …

This morning I went to walk the dog, and when I got outside I realized that while it wasn’t raining, it had been earlier. I should have brought my umbrella with me. Or at least had on a hooded jacket. But, I didn’t. So I was careful to try to keep the droplets of the prior rains falling from the leaves in the trees above me, and thus messing up my hair. Yes, I know this is a bit vain of me, but I had spent time that morning blowing dry AND flattening my locks! I didn’t want that to all go to waste!

I had managed very well in my quest to remain dry haired for most of the walk. But when we were half a block from re-entering the building, I heard this strange sound coming from behind me. I turned back and saw a deluge of rain pouring out of the sky in sheets about a block away. There were no drops falling on me and my dog. Not yet, at least! But then I looked closer and realized that this wall of wet was heading our way!

I quickly picked up the dog, thinking that it was lucky that she’s a small Shih Tzu and not an 80 pound lab mix like my last pooch, and started running for the door while fumbling to get the key to the basement door ready for use.

I know it’s only rain, and while I can get a little “witchy” at times, I wasn’t going to melt. But I had to be at work on time for a morning meeting and had no time to change clothes or re-do my “do”!

I almost made it in without a drop on me. Almost! But thankfully I got in before the full soaker reached me and I was spared the delay of getting out the door to work.

As my dog and I traveled up in the elevator, I remarked on how NY weather is becoming more and more like Florida weather. That’s Global Warming for ya!

My dog had no reply.