What if you woke up today, and the only things you had in your life were the things you were thankful for yesterday? Practice gratitude every day, appreciate what you have, and while you should always strive to improve, don’t lose sight of all you already have!

On day 2 of the Month of Thankfulness, I’m thankful for the beautiful fall colors! It’s as if Mother Nature went on a shopping spree at Michael’s and is excited to use all her new paint colors! (photo of fall colors in front of my apartment building)

I’m thankful that it’s Friday! It’s been a heavy week at work, but one filing is done and I’ve made good progress on another upcoming filing. Plus, Friday’s are “free bagels breakfast” days! I may just save my bagel with peanut butter for lunch.

I’m also thankful that even though I overslept (an hour over), I was still able to make it out the door on time. No leisurely morning, which is how I usually get ready (I dislike having to rush first thing in the mornings), but having that extra hour of sleep, I’m feeling more rested.

And, as always, I am thankful for my family, and my close friends who are like family!

What are you thankful for today?