Again, I am a bit late in posting this. By the time I got home, I was beat, and didn’t feel like opening the laptop to post this.

Anyway, yesterday I was thankful for it being Friday! Fridays are usually quieter days at work. A few people in my department work from home on Fridays (I work from home on Mondays) So there’s less hecticness in the office. Also, the free bagels are definitely an added bonus to Fridays!

I am thankful that I didn’t have to work late yesterday. I went home, grabbed my dog and together we went over to my sister’s place. We had dinner together and watched some television. I did a little home improvement project for her as well!

Overall, it was a fairly stress free Friday! And even though it rained, the sky looked pretty with the overcast clouds.

And, as always, I am thankful for my family, and my close friends who are like family!

What are you thankful for today?