There’s a lot that happens in our everyday lives that we have no control over. For example, we have to go to work, so we can afford to live. And while hopefully you have a job that you enjoy, there are probably things that are a part of that job that you’re not thrilled with having to do. Even people who are lucky enough to spend their workdays playing with puppies still need to scoop the poop!

So, yes, while we have to accept that there are going to be things in our lives that we aren’t that thrilled to have to deal with, we do HAVE to deal with them. But, you can make it easier. You can “set the mood”. Seriously, if you do a few little things to get your mind into the right type of mood, the tasks that we do, whether we like them or not, will get done more easily, and with less stress.

One thing I splurge on are my scented body washes (like those pictured above). I have a variety in my shower, readily at my disposal. They are perfect for helping to set my mood for whatever lies ahead. A busy day at the office … Energy! It smells like citris, which always is energizing. A day spent outdoors in fresh air and nature, maybe hiking … Happiness. It’s similar to Energy in that it’s uplifting. If I’m stressed or ready to relax at the end of a long, hard day .. Stress Relief or Comfort are great! These may be a bit more expensive than other brands, but I also like how they have the various names for the mood I’m in. It is probably partly psychosomatic, but even those names sets my mood!

These also come in aromatherapy candles. I have Energy and Comfort and I definitely use them to set my mood. Right now I have Comfort burning, while I type this blog, sitting on my couch with my cup of coffee next to me. It’s the perfect setting to help my mood!

Music also helps. Actually, it helps A LOT!! Work is extremely busy for me right now. It’s that time of year for me, when I have a number of HUGE projects on my plate. But honestly, all year long work is very busy and somewhat stressful. So lately I’ve been playing Pandora on my computer, with my headphones on my ears. I’m not bothering anyone else around me that way. And I shift between two different stations, depending on what I’m working on. If I have to concentrate and can’t be distracted by singing along in my head, I listen to “Peaceful Piano”. If I am working on something more administerial (something that can be done without as much mental engagement) I listen to “Easy Favorites”. Pandora is free to listen to. Yes, you have ads that come up every so often. Oh, big whoop! I can listen to an ad here and there. And yes, after a while, the music stops, and you have to click to let them know you’re still listening. Again, easy enough to do in order to get the music to set my mood. These aren’t my normal “go-to” genres of music, but they set my mood for the stressfullness of work. And yes, they definitely help keep my blood pressure lower!

Even if you can’t listen to music, or burn a scented candle where you are, there are always scented body lotions (the ones that I have in shower gel and candles also come in body lotion). You don’t have to slather it all over yourself, but a small amount rubbed on your hands will do wonders for your mood, and your skin!!

So, while there are things in life that may stress us out, things that we must do, even if we aren’t really wanting to, we can help get through them by setting the mood! Find your mood setting helpers!