And so begins a new week! As I’ve noted for the past couple of Monday’s I’m thankful for being able to work from home.  I definitely get more done when I’m home.  And not only work-wise.  I was up my normal wake up time, but instead of getting myself ready, I did the laundry.  While the laundry was going, I did a mile on the treadmill.  Then I got logged into work an hour earlier than usual  Which meant I got to take a break in the afternoon, and get outside with the dog for some fresh air.   She liked it too.  But she got pooped, since normally a work day means that she gets to sleep a lot more!

I’m thankful for the beautiful day we had here in NY!  From what I’m hearing, it’s going to get really cold, come later this week!  But today was beautiful!  I was able to have the windows open, to air out the apartment!  You gotta take advantage of that when you can in the colder weather!

I’m thankful that I was able to sign off at a decent hour from work and make it to boxing class!  I have not been making it there as regularly, and that needs to change.

I’m thankful that my job participates in Sonic Boom Wellness!  It’s a program that companies can have for their employees that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  There are challenges that are employee generated, and ones that are run by Sonic Boom on behalf of the company as a whole.  And, there are prizes for winning the challenges.  I joined one recently.  It’s called “Maintain, Don’t Gain” and it’s done every year at this time.  The holidays are a time that a lot of people gain weight.  So this challenge is to not gain anything over the next few weeks until the new year!  I love a challenge, and find it motivating!  So, I’m all in!  Which mean, I need to get back to working out more regularly and eating better!  Let’s see how much weight I can safely and heathily lose between now and New Year’s Eve!!

I’m thankful for fresh sheets (thanks to being able to do laundry this morning) on my bed, as I get ready to call it a day!!

And, as always, I am thankful for my family and for my close friends, who are like family.

What are you thankful for today?