I’m the Queen of Lists!  No, that’s not like the Queen of Diamonds, who will beat you if she’s able.  Nor the Queen of Hearts, who’s always your best bet.  Well, actually, I beg to differ on that last one.  Being the Queen of Lists may just actually be the best bet!!  (Or King of Lists, if that’s your current gender identification)

I write lists for EVERYTHING!  What to pack when going on vacation, what to buy at the supermarket, what projects I have to complete at work, what songs to sing a karaoke, and so on.  I even have a list of blog ideas!

But I think I may have gone a little overboard, because now I write lists of my list items.  If “clean” is on my “TO DO” list, I will create a separate list that breaks down the cleaning list!  Instead of just clean, I now create a list to break it down into subsections, each room getting a list of what has to be done in there. 

I also have my “Monday through Friday – after work” list, which is different from the “TO DO” list, although there is some overlap.  The “Monday through Friday – after work” list is a list of just one thing that I need to do each day.  I definitely have more than one thing to do each evening, but if I can at least get just ONE of the items listed on my other lists done, I will feel that I have accomplished something.  And I make sure to change it every week to keep it from getting monotonous.  So it’s not like Monday is always vacuum the living room night and Tuesday is not always the night to change the litterbox.  

I keep these lists on the “Notes” app on my phone.  But, as much as it pains me to admit this, I also sometimes put a reminder on my calendar to check the list.  So, instead of just relying on the list, I add that second layer of reminder if it’s something that’s really important.

To be honest, I don’t always finish everything on the lists.  And don’t tell anyone, but there are times that not even that one item on the “Monday through Friday – after work” list gets done.  Life happens.  It’s not like the world will end if I don’t clean the microwave on a particular Wednesday or the toilet bowl on any given Thursday.  But if I didn’t have these lists, I’m not sure if ANYTHING would get done!

New Year’s is right around the corner. I will probably create a list of the things I’d like to accomplish in 2019. No, not a “resolutions” list, but a list of goals for the year!

Funny thing though, I don’t have a bucket list.  My lists are more for staying organized, not for things I’d like to do before I die.  And I have done so many things in my life already that most people would say are “bucket worthy”.  So I don’t think I need a list for that.  …. Or do I???

I wonder if there’s a support group out there for list makers?  Maybe I should look that up on Google and create a list of the ones in my area.  And I could create a list of my lists to show them that I have a list making problem.

Hi, my name Lisa, and I’m a list maker. (now you all say “Hi Lisa!” in a supportive tone!)