So, I’m stuck at home with pink eye! And while I like the color pink, I’d rather it not be in my eyes! Thankfully, I guess, it’s the viral kind of pink eye, so no need for the gooey ointment medication, which I truly hate! I do have medicated drops to help with the swelling, itching, burning and redness. But they don’t seem to be doing much for the swelling. Since it’s a virus, only time will heal.

I have to stay home though, for 3 days. This is the “contagious” period, according to the doctor. It’s a good thing he said I need to stay home, because I also can’t wear makeup for 3 days. Not that I NEED makeup, but with blonde eyelashes and eyebrows, makeup is definitely helpful. Otherwise, people tend to think I am sick or tired.

All I’m sick and tired of is having different “illnesses”. I’ve had a cold that knocked my socks off for a couple days in January. A bad reaction to a vaccine a couple of weeks ago, which produced flu-like symptoms for one day, complete with a 102 degree fever, aches and chills. An now the pink eye!! All within the past month!

I just hope that with all these illnesses, I’ve built up enough antibodies that I won’t have to deal with sickness for a while anymore! B